Re: Feedback from the community


I think a survey is the best way to go.  Though it should contain some
"fill in the blank" questions so that people can suggest things that
they think are issues which we might not have identified.


Regarding our project "Feedback from the community".

Without questionnaires or a survey or guidelines, I found it quite
difficult to gather feedbacks from the community as they don't have
anything to follow or follow up. Maybe that's why we still haven't had
feedback yet. (at least I don't receive much feedback from the
communities so far and chased them quite a few times already) If you
have any update on the feedback, please let us know.

As mentioned earlier, I went to the marketing task page and found this
User Survey task . I
know we have discussed that maybe survey is not a good idea to gather
feedback, "personas", observations or group discussion are better choice.

Should we consider to create a questionnaires style of survey (with more
open questions) first and then we can always host some group discussion
during any FOSS or GNOME events. i.e. let's do both :)

Let's discuss here!

- Pockey

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