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hi Will,

asia-summit gnome org is an old list, so let's use asia-summit-list gnome org for future discussion about GNOME.Asia. All the members in asia-summit gnome org are already included in asia-summit-list gnome org
Hi sankarshan,

Fund raising is one of the most important tasks , the early you stat thinking about it, the better Summit it will be.

In order to find sponsors, you need to prepare below documents as soon as possible: 1. Proposal for the GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 at Indian (Since the date and the scale of the Summit is not clear, we should work out a proposal first )
2. Sponsors' brochure

After 1 and 2 are ready, then, finish below documents :
3. Schedule for GNOME.Asia Summit
4. Website updated for Summit 2009(Does the website need Localization for Indian ? )
5. Budget estimation
6. Logos for Summit 2009
7. Call for participants

I would say the #1 proposal is the most important document in current status. We are happy to share the template of those documents with from Summit 2008. I will send you the first two in a separated email.


On 02/10/09 14:19, Will LaShell wrote:
Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ) wrote:
A question, which should ideally be on a different thread, is about
funding. These aren't good times and what are the kind of budgets that
are looking good at this point ? There would be an in-place hard
ceiling on amounts or expense line-items that would come up. Or, can
we afford to learn as we go forward ?


I'll move it to a new thread for you. ;) We do have some existing money from this year's conference. Fund raising is one of the tasks the Summit committee has to evaluate. Last year we had some excellent assistance from our primary sponsors and while I would guess our opportunities for funding will not be as good this year, we should still be able to get some funds from them. Something not done effectively last year was leveraging local technology companies that would get exposure as a GNOME.Asia sponsor (even at a lower level). We have a better head start on the conference this year and I would like to see us do a better job at this.

Your hard ceiling is set predominantly on the fund raising done, and how creative we are at utilizing the money we get. Last year the venue was a large expense that was researched to find the most efficient use of the funds we had. If you can arrange a venue that is partially or fully sponsored by a university it frees up a lot more of the budget for travel expenses of more speakers, and other extras.



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