Re: [xml] When will you support xml version 1.1?

Hi Elliotte,

I object to releasing errata to change the clear meaning of a spec (not that that hasn't been done before).

Upgrades need a new version number.

In this case I was hoping that it is sufficiently similar to the UTF-8 BOM case, in that it's really just an acknowledgment that there exist documents that should really be legal but currently aren't, due to a regrettable lack of foresight in the wording of the original spec.

The changes would not retroactively invalidate any existing documents or implementations, and would only require a tiny change to the text of the spec. If that requires a whole new "XML 1.2" process then it will certainly never happen, and the issue of the version attribute in documents makes everything much more complicated.

Basically that puts us back at plan B, which is putting up with XML 1.0 getting UNICODE wrong and waiting for the next new markup language to come down the pipe.

[apologies for getting a bit off topic from libxml2]



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