[xml] Char Refs in ISO-8859-1

I’ve got an app generating XML that looks like this excerpt:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>



Where, because of problems pasting non-ascii into emails, I’ve rpresented two characters here as asterisks, but in the actual XML they are 0xe8, an accented lower-case ‘e’.


This seems correct to me. However the app that receives this data screws up the accented characters UNLESS I’ve tweaked the data to use ‘&#xe8;’ instead.


Now, I believe it shouldn’t, in a perfect world, be necessary to do that, but it appears to nevertheless be necessary in this case.


My question is: While leaving the declaration of ISO-8859-1 in the xml header, is there any way to get libxml2 to automatically output such symbols as CharRefs instead of the actual Unicode code point? Is my only other choice to output it as ASCII instead? (that would be a really gross “solution”.)




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