Re: [xml] When will you support xml version 1.1?

Hi Liam,

The worst is requiring XML 1.0 processors to reject XML 1.1
documents, I think that was a big mistake.  But I'd still
like to see libxml support XML 1.1.

I think that the changes required to support XML 1.1 would go so deep into the implementation that it could actually be easier to fork libxml2 and have two separate libraries, one for XML 1.0 and one for XML 1.1.

In practice, having two incompatible versions of XML also makes life difficult for applications; if you generate XML 1.1, other applications might not be able to read it, and if you accept XML 1.1 you can't safely save it as XML 1.0 as it might use forbidden characters in markup.

The easiest solution to all these problems is just pretend that XML 1.1 never happened, which is what most people seem to be doing. I think that it would be best if the W3C recognised that the attempt has failed, and that trying to push it further would be counterproductive.

The character set issues can always wait for a future markup language that introduces some compelling new features that encourage people to use it (and drops DTDs :)

Best regards,


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