Re: [xml] redicting parts of trees

I was more concerned about getting locked into a specified context structure at this point and unsure about how flexible changing it was going to be going forward. As I havent had a chance to do anything more than read over the code - hadnt added it to my tree as I needed to test the existing code for the 2.6.20 release - I couldnt say for sure at this point what I might need for context support.

As long as the context structure isnt going to be set in stone at this point - however it ends up in the release- then it shouldnt be an issue. The functions are fine argument wise as I agree anything outside the current argument lists should be handled via the context.

And context naming, yes I am content with that. It is specific to the DOM functions as I was just going to suggest xmlDOMCtxt so the one in CVS is pretty much the same.


Daniel Veillard wrote:

On Mon, Jun 27, 2005 at 09:23:43AM -0400, Rob Richards wrote:

 I am the one who suggested to Kasimier to push to CVs precisely
to get testing, but labelling it as experimental. I think we can grow the
structure fairly reasilly in the future. Are you afraid of PHP-5.2 compiled
against a vertion of libxml2 post 2.6.20 and running with 2.6.20 and hence
a limited context ? If this is the case we can arbitrarily put a function
pointer in the lot and a couple more int and data pointers for good measure
and feel safe about it.


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