Re: [xml] redicting parts of trees


On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 09:23 -0400, Rob Richards wrote:
Ok, just changing my response now as I just noticed it was committed 2 
hours ago.

Yes, I was told that it would be easier for someone else to prepare the
release if I commit now ;-)
We still need a name for the context, unless you are content with the
initial name as in CVS.

Personally with an imminent release would have liked to wait until after 
the release for the code to be added especially since a discussion was 

William Brack told me once that we should simply blame Daniel for such
things :-) No, really, the functions have enough arguments to survive
the next ice-age.

held off. My little free time right now has been spent testing the 
upcoming release against PHP seeing as PHP 5.1 is also in beta release, 
so havent had much time to look at new functionality of this scale. Wont 
setting the context structure prior to this release pretty much set it 
in stone or end up causing BC breakage with the next release?

The context has just an initial "void * _private" field, to be able to
extend it. Adding fields to it, at the end, won't break ABI

But some comments on your message:

Context naming is along the lines I was going to suggest.

As for context I know I would need something along the following lines 
(cant be more specific yet as I would really need time to implement it 
to make sure):

scenaio: adopt node

functionality I need to perform:
a function needs to be called passing in the node as well as the new doc.

The _priv needs to be accessed and references to old doc need to be 
removed as a ref count is kept to old doc.
then it needs to update pointers and refcounts for the new doc.

Just add the callbacks you need.

We added the tests under "test/namespaces/reconcile", so whenever you
come across a weird namespace constellation...



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