Re: [xml] xmlIO extensions


  Sounds cool, if the code is small it could be integrated.
It's not to big:
* zip.h zip.c unzip.h unzip.c from minizip
* xmlzipio.h xmlzipio.c with my code

What would you prefere? The files themself or patches (And against
which version 2.4 and cvs or only cvs?)?

I have one question though:
   what happen if one use zip://zip-file-uri without !absolute-path.
Right now the xmlZipMatch returns false, because the namesplit for
zip-file-uri and absolute-path fails.

I would expect some kind of autogenerated XML indicating the content of the
Sounds good, but I think this is something for the next release :-)
There are some more things to improve:
1) change zip.c/unzip.c to use xmlIO instead of libc for fileio
2) change the xmlZipWrite to write directly into the file without
   copying all data to a temporary file. (It's quick enough right now,
   but I don't use very big files right now)

but I don't know what the jakarta code does by default, if they
do something like that it might be nice to have the same behaviour.
I don't know either... has anyone experience with jakarta?

For an OpenOffice file or a Jar I would expect the manifest to be parsed.
As far as I know jar files don't contain an xml Manifest. I read on, that they use zip files with an xml manifest, instead
of the normal jar manifest.

Bye Christian

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