Re: [xml] xmlIO extensions

Daniel Veillard writes:

  Why not it seems it would work fine too.
But even better, check how the OpenOffice guys did it and
reuse it if possible !

It's not OpenOffice but there's a virtual file system layer for java
in the apache jakarta project:

They provide read only access to zip and jar files

URI Format



Where zip-file-uri refers to a file of any supported type, including other 
zip files. Note that any ! characters in zip-file-uri must be escaped using 

Of course one could restrict this to using local files for the zip-file-uri,
but it might be worth considering this syntax.

Regarding OpenOffice, I'm not sure, if they are using URL syntax at all.
Within the *.sxw there's just a META-INF/manifest.xml file listing the
files in the archive just using local names (i.e. 
<manifest:file-entry manifest:media-type="text/xml" 
and (from a user point of view) OpenOffice itself just adresses the archive 
as a whole.
But I didn't look at OOs specs or sources.


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