[xml] xmlIO extensions


I am currently using libxml2.4 for a private project. During this work
I was in need for a special xmlIO handler.

I wanted to store all needed files inside one archive (like the
document structure of openoffice.org). So I wrote an IO handler for
zip files. I can now read an write files inside a ziparchive. The work
is based on the xmlIO handlers provided with the lib and the zip code
is taken from minizip/miniunzip examples provided with zlib.

I think this code might be usefull for others as well, so I'd like to
publish it. If desired I can adopt it to 2.6 or provide patches to
integrate it into the cvs.

My biggest Problem right now is the license. I read both licenses
(that of libxml and that of zlib/minizip). I think it would be nice to
use the same license for everything in libxml. I think both licenses
are quite equal, so that the usage of zlib-code would not restrict
anything. My code would be published under the term of the MIT License.

If anyone would ike to have a look at the software ...
you can find it at 

Cheers Christian

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