Re: [xml] built libxml and libxslt, possible bugs

On Tue 2003-11-11 Daniel Veillard wrote:
  No, but there should be no problem with having the RPM install
and uninstall script handle the DocBook entries too. It is what I
suggested, and what I meant by "reuse".

I see.

I did report those issues (all expcept the libz issue) in order to
provide useful feedback, in order to help you improve some spects
of your package.

  Okay some of them were rightfully surprising.

I'm happy to be of help.

But a lot of them were just looking like the result of a system not
configured to compile (GNOME) software, missing devel packages, missing
docbook packages, missing gtk-doc package.


I think I answered to all of them, some are well known like the
schemas regression test error.

I see. I was aware of the fact that some might be well-known, I just
thought I'd post all possible issues I saw during compilation and
installation since some might be of interest to you. None of them
(except the zlib issue) were problems here for what I do (the tools
ran fine), just data points which looked like they might point to
posible improvements.

Your suggestion:
: For example, perhaps configure could have told me "Please install
: zlib-devel first, then try again. No makefile was generated.".
simply can't work. Libxml2 can and must compile on platforms where 
zlib may not be available, and MUST NOT fail in those case.

I see.

If you had reused what others had debugged, i.e. reused libxml2 and
libxslt packages coming from your distribution,
or recompiled on your box based on the source RPM for the latest
version you would not have this problem.i

I didn't want to confuse my package manager, I thought (based on
experience) that installing locally (under my home dir) from source
would be the strategy representing the least risk for dependency
conflicts, since I might want to run several versions of xmllint and
xsltproc, and many other tools depend on libxml.

(For most other things I use YaST which works very well so far.)

The libxml2 spec file states
    Requires: zlib-devel
So yes I maintain:
   - this is a new platform to you apparently, you said
     "I recently switched to Linux and I'm still in the process of setting
      up my environment."

Yep, I've been using Linux for some years, but now it's my main OS and
I'm setting up my working environment.

   - you want to do it your way

Not really.

I simply wanted to install the latest xmllint and xsltproc with the
least hassle, and the only problem I had was that I hadn't installed
zlib-devel before that. The rest was general feedback, I thought that
some of the data might be SuSE 9.0 specific for example.

   - by doing so you miss years of debug and experiences by others
     building and packaging libxml2 and libxslt

I thought that the non-SuSE RPMs might possibly cause more problems
than compiling, but I now see your point that RPMs should cause less

   - you were ending with a package without compression support
Yes I think you should reuse software packages, yes I think it's
a transition problem from your side, no I don't see a reason to
start flaming me because you're not used to this environment.

I did not intend to offend you, please accept my apologies.

My suggestion still sounds perfectly adequate, just your answer isn't !

I wasn't aware of the fact that you referred to choosing RPMs over the

I could as well have given a damn which is what I will
do in the future, since giving feedback to you nearly always turns
into extremely unpleasurable experiences.

  Really ? Nearly always and extremely unpleaseant ...

I used words too strong, sorry. But based on previous private
dicsussion I know that you're aware of the fact that sometimes you
react a bit "rough".

I didn't know I was that nasty, oh well you're just unlucky, I answered
your question, provided software the sources and my free time (it's holliday
today in France), but did it in an
    "Nearly always extremely unpleasant way" 
Sorry about that,


I will try to improve.

Me too :)

Maybe you would have been better of with no software, no source and
no answer,

Perhaps I should have posted only the one issue that was relevant for
me, and trust that you know about the others or find them yourself.

I should just have gone skying instead of working on libxml2 today.

While I really appreciate your work on those tools and libs it's no
problem if I have to wait a day or two for an answer while you sky :)

  Thank you for the fuck off, I appreciate that to its right value :-(

Again, please accept my apologies.

Thanks again for your help with the zlib problem.


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