Re: [xml] built libxml and libxslt, possible bugs

On Tue 2003-11-11 Justin Fletcher wrote:
That's the thing that configure's meant to detect, surely ? It
tailors itself to your system. If you didn't have ZLib on the
system, and it detected that was the case and turned off the ZLib
support in the toolkit then surely there's nothing wrong with that.
If you'd done the *xmllint -version it would tell you that it wasn't
including ZLib. If you didn't want it auto-configuring, or want to
force options, you can always change the config.h file (as I have to
every time).

Seems sensible (although I can imagine other concepts which might be
more intuitive and obvious for some people).

IIRC when you run Configure it does say that it's not going to use
ZLib or something.

There is so much output running up the screen (configure;make;make
tests;make install for each of the packages) that I must have missed
that line.

However, you said that the tests fail and I'm reasonably sure that
all the tests I run here without ZLib work ok. So maybe I'm just

There are test result lines (eg in libxml2-2.6.2/result/regexp/xpath)
which end in "Fail" but document passed tests (unrelated to libz
AFAICS), which indeed confuses.


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