Re: [xml] Saving xsltStylesheetPtr to a file

Hi Daniel!

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Daniel Veillard wrote:

functions, so I would like to be able to verify in some way that the style
sheet has been stored correctly in the hash table. If not, I will most

  By looking at it ???

Ok. "Looking" expressed in libxml2 terms obviously means doing

xmlDocDump( stdout, style->doc);


  A copy of all the documents making up the stylesheet, including 
xsl:include and xsl:import , that doesn't sound right ..

I forgot to mention that each of my styleheets consists only of a single XML
document. No xsl:include or xsl:import directive is in there.
Is there any way to make a copy of a certain style sheet (represented by an
xsltStylesheetPtr)? (something like an analogous form of xmlCopyDoc(),
which is used to copy XML documents.)

Maybe I should clarify this further. When I was talking about an "analogous
form", I meant a function returning a new xsltStylesheetPtr by by making a
copy of the original compiled representation of the style sheet. Is there
such a function that does this? (The analogy here is that there's already
xmlCopyDoc() for XML documents returning a new xmlDocPtr.)

Thanks in advance for any info!



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