RE: [xml] Python bindings: per parser context error handlers

Anything specific I should check?

  Hum, all entry points which may generate such a parser context wrapper
object and similary anything which may destroy one. Nothing specific in
mind, but for example a reader instance embed a parser context at the
C level and while there is no API to export it that may be added at some
point, it seems your suggestion would cover this fine, but taht need checking.

This is only remotely related but
I've noticed that htmlFreeParserCtxt is exposed.
That may cause some troubles because the free
is already done in parserCtxt.__del__.

Ok. That will be later this week.

Here it is, with a test case.

A few things worth noting:
- xmlFreeParserCtxt is not autogenerated anymore
  because it needs to free _private (added to libxml.c,
  and to This has the side
  effect that parserCtxt.freeParserCtxt is not there
  anymore; it can be readded, but I fear a double free
  problem, like for htmlFreeParserCtxt above.
- initialization of _private is done in libxml_xmlParserCtxtPtrWrap.
- I've added a parserCtxtCore base class to parserCtxt
  to hold registerErrorHandler and registerWarningHandler
  (because I could not find a way to autogenerate them).
- I've factored out a libxml_buildMessage from 


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