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Users are stupid. Every programmer knows it. Your users are programmers.
Does it make any difference? No. Users are stupid. You could not change this. Program with keeping it in mind. Live with it. Drink with it... mmmm.. is everyone older than 16 here? :) And there is a nice russian proverb: if the rape is un-avoidable,
relax and enjoy :) Get another cup of coffee or a bottle of vine... Prosit!

BTW, The best documentation I've ever seen is Microsoft's MSDN library. Take a
look at the Windows programming mailing lists: how much stupid questions
programmers ask again and again? Not FAQ, not nice API reference, not the search you made recently can solve this problem. You are doing the great job maintaining LibXML2, all you efforts to maintain documentation are really helpful for people who want to learn and know how to do this. Don't blame yourself for others, they are
just stupid morons :)


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