[xml] Windows Threads Revisited - Patch

Hi all,

The patch for the Windows thread topic I posted about yesterday is attached
to this message.

It is ugly. What actually are small changes resulted in a big patch. The
ugliness affects threads.c and testThreadsWin32.c.

Appearantly the original pthreads code in threads.c by Gary Pennington was
differently formatted than the afterwards inserted Windows code. I must have
hit the wrong button and my xemacs reindented the file, making all those
Windows sections look like Gary's code.

The patched files are:

* threads.c: replaced compiler-specific macros with custom ones and
accidentally reindented the file
* testThreads.c: conditionally included unistd.h, Windows does not have this
* testThreadsWin32.c: reindented the file on purpose because it had very
long lines
* include/win32config.h: adapted the thread-macro definitions
* win32/Makefile.msvc: included testThreads(Win32) in the build
* win32/configure.js: added a more flexible threads option

The first two files are used on all platforms, but the change should not
have effect anywhere but on Windows. The latter four files are

Any thoughts? Questions? Objections?

If everything is okay, I'll commit this today.


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