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Well maybe it's useful to give some explanations.

I read your page ( http://xmlsoft.org/encoding.html) and all the
documentation: well the page doesn't give any useful information. I have
used your search engine with the keys "iso-8859 problem" but in the answers
there is only one example which is wong.

I know that you are a very busy man and then you have no time to answer to
everybody and write some more useful documentation, but you should remember
that we are busy too, and if a person does a question is not because he
hasn' spent time to read the documentation (everybody have read it) but
because he has a problem he can't solve and maybe he needs help.

In the tomcat user list I spend some hours a day to answer questions
(.......often the same questions) but people need help and then I give them

I think the mail list is based on people who help each other.



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