Re: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.21

I will need this functions for Win32 port of XML Sec Library so  I have
to update these files :) I think I know another way of exportng functions
on Windows. The basic idea is that the "export" directive is specified
in the function and not in the *.def file.
To go this way we will need to
   1) in xmlsec.h put something like this (do not remember exact syntax but
   it's a matter of checking help):
#ifdef _WINDOWS
   #define LIBXML_EXPORT         __declspec( dllexport )
   #else /* _WINDOWS */
#define LIBXML_EXPORT #endif /* _WINDOWS */

2) update all exported function decalarations and definitions in *.h and *.c
   as follows:
xmlNsPtr xmlNewNs(xmlNodePtr node, const xmlChar *href, const xmlChar *prefix);
   is converted to
LIBXML_EXPORT xmlNsPtr xmlNewNs(xmlNodePtr node, const xmlChar *href, const xmlChar *prefix);

We can go a "lazy" way and say that all new functions should follow this rule and keep current *.def for existing function (with a goal to replace it other the time).


Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

Hi there,

Thanks! Yes, you are right, I will need to update libxml2.def.src files
(there are 2 copies AFAIK)

There are two originals, one in win32/, the other in win32/dsp :-) The one
in win32/ is authoritative, that's the one I use :-) The other file in
win32/dsp is used by the MSVC IDE and is identical to the one in win32/
except for the #include statement at the top.

There will be no real harm if you do not update these. The resulting library
will simply not export these new functions.

I would love to be able to generate these *.def.src (or *.def directly)
files automagically, but haven't found a way yet. If someone knows how,
please, please tell me :-)


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