Re: [Vala] Port Tomboy?

2009/6/27 Yu Feng <rainwoodman gmail com>:
On Sat, 2009-06-27 at 08:03 +0100, Sam Liddicott wrote:

     4. Port Tomboy as a show-case project port

4 seems to be very fun; how large is the codebase of tomboy?

BTW: What is the largest show-case project driven by VALA, excluding
vala itself? Here I am not limiting within project ported from mono.

I'm not sure any "show-case port" is a good idea. The differences and
comparison can be written down in a single document.

Regardless the potential advantages of two directly comparable
project, imagine what would it cause in a larger scale. gnote is
already seen as a "good" counterpart to an "evil" project in the eyes
of almost religionistic mono-haters and it is a denial of Tomboy's
actual achievement. Imagine that someone would copy your original cool
project just because he doesn't like the language. I'm sure it would
make you angry.

If some of the Vala community try to make it some kind of
"replacement" to Mono platform (which itself is a stupid idea) the
earlier noted group would immediately make it to be some kind of
"saviour that shall release us from the hands of all evil (Mono,
Microsoft, Novell)". That could possibly result in a complete
alienation of Vala and Mono communities.

Vala must by no means accept any role in the "struggle" (more like a
series of irrational personal insults in my opinion) that is taking
place between the Mono community and those who are not willing to
accept their freedom of choice. It would only hurt the project.

Well, so much for my opinions on this matter.

 -- Jury

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