Re: [Usability] GtkNotebook scrolling

On Fri, 2010-03-12 at 14:20 +0100, Jean-Peer Lorenz wrote:
> With the expression 'For me, it is a *huge* usability feature' I
> wanted
> to stress that there are different views to the issue. Some might find
> the scrolling ability annoying and some (like me) think it is the most
> efficient way to scroll through a large number of tabs. So, for me
> it's
> about efficiency which is very important for me when using a GUI. 

Yeah, I understood from the beginning that there will be people out
there who like this feature.  Features don't usually come to exist
unless somebody out there wants it.  But that's not enough to say it's a
good feature. :)

As I described, when I ran into this feature on accident my initial
reaction was surprise and confusion for a second until I realized what
happened.  But considering that other platforms don't behave this way,
it seems kind of reasonable to me to think that if I'm confused for a
split second then non-hackers may be confused for quite a bit longer
than that.

That's what made me bring this up.

That said, whoever had the idea of using a modifier key like alt or ctrl
in order to enable mouse scrolling.. that was quite a nice idea I
thought, because then it makes it much less likely that someone will do
this on accident but it also leaves the feature in place for more
advanced users.

/ Cody

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