Re: [Usability] GtkNotebook scrolling

On Fri, 2010-03-12 at 15:05 +0100, Jean-Peer Lorenz wrote:
> Simple answer: in Firefox I can put approx. 10 tabs on the screen.
> When
> opening more tabs, I cannot see all of them and use the scrolling. At
> the moment I have more than 30 tabs open, they increase in number very
> quick by following links etc. And I am not willing to close them
> because
> there is no reason for me. I admit that I even use this as a kind of
> history since I mostly use suspend/hibernate instead of shutdown and
> by
> doing so I collect tabs over many days or weeks. 

I'm kind of confused.  I just opened Firefox and opened up about 10
tabs, and once I started using the scroll wheel on the mouse nothing
happened.  I tried with alt and ctrl, again nothing happened.

Is this a plugin to enable that feature?

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