[Usability] Alternatives to nautilus for two paned file management

I have followed the threads about Gnome with interrest.
I share a lot of views with the members here.
For two paned file managers i looked a lot and found
a few. I dont like to use them , but Nautilus's team is
insensitive to their users.I dont know who runs that box
but since the beginning i hated it. GMC was a way better
manager imho.Faster,lighter and did all i needed it to do.
When they switched to Nautilus i really started to have
trouble with Gnome.

Anyways  :
for a two paned file manager check this one.

http://xnc.dubna.su/  that's XNorthernCaptain.
i havent had trouble with it .. works nicely.

I got trouble with Gnome the way it's gone the past few years.
The way of " we know better than our users what they want "
has given me no choice but to look at the alternatives.
Not that i like it one bit.Perhaps Linus is right ..
KDE seems like an alternative.Though it's hard for me
to wave goodbye to Gnome ..

If Gnome is to survive a radical change is needed.
Kicking whole teams/projects out of it like nautilus and a radical
change in philosophy.Why not start by listening to their users ?

I have lost hope to see Gnome evolve in a direction that
will allow me to enjoy it.Looks like a few hours of KDE debug
( wont start atm ) might be paying off ..

Happy trails.


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