[Usability] Saving to open Nautilus windows

One criticism levelled at the current File save dialog
is that it's not very useful in its collapsed form.
The folders it suggests aren't necessarily the ones
you want.

Another idea that's been floating around is that there
should be an action that lets you save to an open
Nautilus window. The user is probably already looking
at the folder she wants to save to. One suggestion is
that you should be able to drag something from the
document window to the nautilus folder to save it.

One nice and simple way to tackle both of these things
would be for the 'Save in folder' drop-down list to
show all folders current open in Nautilus.

You'd get:

(mounted drives)
(bookmarked folders)
(any folder that currently has an open window in

This would vastly increase the usefulness of the
collapsed dialog, and provide a way to save to open
folders without having to devise new UI conventions
(which we can always do later :)

What do you all think?

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