Re: [Usability] Alternatives to nautilus for two paned file management

On 12/19/05, Richard Hebert <hebertrich earthlink net> wrote:

> If Gnome is to survive a radical change is needed.
> Kicking whole teams/projects out of it like nautilus and a radical
> change in philosophy.Why not start by listening to their users ?
> I have lost hope to see Gnome evolve in a direction that
> will allow me to enjoy it

With this in mind, I have decided to fork gnome!
It will be called Richard's Desktop Environment and this ethos will be
to make the perfect desktop for Richard Hebert, by listening to
exactly what he wants

So Richard:
How many pixels should the button border be?
Should the colour for the background be #00fe6c or #00fe6b?
Is two panes in your filemanager enough? Would you like 12?
When you login in the morning should the startup greeter say "Hi
Richard" or "What is your bidding my Lord"?
Should I use Tabs or spaces in my code?
Do you like ice cream or cake?
Should we incorporate this last question into the desktop?
May I breathe?
Should applications be compiled with -O2 or -O3?
Punk or Rock and Roll

Thats just for starters, so I'll get back to you when I've written a
line of code so you can check it matches your expectations.

I love you Richard

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