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Tomasz Janowitz <logan77 o2 pl>

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All are excellent points. What I would like to see is a sensible paper
size selection, based on timezone settings perhaps. It is a safe bet
that for US and Canada the default setting should be Letter, for Europe
likely A4, etc. Yet any time I configure a printer the default is always A4.

FWIW, CUPS uses two strategies for choosing the default media size:

    1. If libpaper is available, use the size it reports.

    2. Otherwise, if the local is en, en_US, en_CA, or fr_CA, then
       use US Letter aka "na-letter" using the PWG's standard media
       naming conventions.

    3. If #1 and #2 don't pan out, use A4.

All of this can be implemented in a few dozen lines of code, so I'd
recommend just exposing a function for this in the GNOME print API.


Most Windows apps will use the current page size of the default
printer.  I'm not particularly fond of this approach, but it is
a valid option as well...

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