Re: [Usability]Re: Feedback on GNOME 2

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 11:33, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > they (the users) don't get it anyways no matter how you point out the
> > issues. but as soon as some stuff is comming from either SUN or REDHAT you
> > jump up and change it quickly. they snip with the fingers to command you
> > to jump and you reply 'how high and how far?'.
> Haha. Dude, you're mistaking one of the most basic elements of Free Software
> ("he who writes the code rules") for some crazy corporate conspiracy.
> Please don't undervalue or take for granted the immense benefit that
> companies involved in GNOME provide. We simply wouldn't have GNOME 2.x
> without their support.

the last sentence of yours is indeed absolutely right. without these
companies we would have no GNOME 2.x today. without EAZEL we would have
no serious filemanager *cough* today. without XIMIAN we would have no
serious PIM. without SUN there would be no A11Y. all these companies
somehow cooperate in a contract. they all have sit down behind a closed
door and signed and decided the way of GNOME.

well digging deeper into this sentence i will read this. the companies
working on GNOME 2.x (and contributed their code the way they like to
have it) made GNOME 2.x what it is today. they seriously don't change
THEIR code or USABILITY because of some ranting people because it was
planned to make GNOME the way it is now.

not true ? those companies hired every person working on GNOME. if you
can't own the code then go and own their developers.

basically 80% and more of the current GNOME 2.x libraries are comming
out of the hands of these companies. a11y, gnome-vfs, nautilus, gal,
eel, and so on.

another point:

EAZEL died and nautilus somehow froze (we know this is not really true
since there are some people hard working on it but the real usable
progress is factor 0). it was only to show you that without these
companies you would have nothing to offer today.

now a hard assumption (this is only a theory of mine) GNOME 2.x is only
making success with these companies. without them it's dead. lets assume
that SUN, XIMIAN and REDHAT will go bancrupt one day. then the GNOME 2.x
progress will be NULL or much much slower than it is now. you may now
come up and say "hey it's opensource it can't die" you are absolutely
right but who will contribute to it ? with EAZEL we had 40-50 commits to
the nautilus CVS, after EAZEL died, we are happy to get at least one
commit per day. same will happen to anything else.

let's compare all this with KDE for example (i jump on the boat now only
for this demonstration). they completely stomped all their stuff out of
nothing without any help from failing companies.

well i re-read this reply it's really somehow OT and i somehow missed
the real point that i wanted to tell you. but no matter if i missed the
point but my reply has many valid parts. maybe i just wanted to say that
at the very final end these companies are responsible that GNOME 2.x hit
on so much angry people nerves outside. with their direction and wrong
assumptions somehow they are responsible for so much suckage. without
them GNOME 2.x would probably still follow it's old direction. maybe
still behind KDE but at least still having a lot of happy users.

please don't feel offended

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
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