Re: [Usability]Re: Feedback on GNOME 2

> they all have sit down behind a closed
> door and signed and decided the way of GNOME.

Okay, let's get one thing straight. Each company obviously has different
goals and objectives for GNOME - but ultimately we all want a stable,
intuitive desktop. Do you think that we're all agreeing on a simple user
interface because we've met behind closed doors and signed some magical
contract? If you do, then you are very clearly mistaken.

> not true ? those companies hired every person working on GNOME. if you
> can't own the code then go and own their developers.

I'm pretty sure that each person working on GNOME works for their own
goals...and tries to balance their objectives with their companies. No
one owns any code here - we're a community, we all share. If we really
wanted to own code, we wouldn't put it into a public cvs server. If Sun
really only cared about itself, 'community GNOME' wouldn't have
accessibility support. 

> basically 80% and more of the current GNOME 2.x libraries are comming
> out of the hands of these companies. a11y, gnome-vfs, nautilus, gal,
> eel, and so on.

That's entirely the natural way of things - for those people fortunate
enough to work on GNOME, they obviously have more time to contribute
more code. Unfortunately, those people don't have to work on GNOME now
have to spend 80% of the time deleting unneccessary mails like this.

> well i re-read this reply it's really somehow OT and i somehow missed
> the real point that i wanted to tell you. \

So why did you send it then? :)

> point but my reply has many valid parts. maybe i just wanted to say that
> at the very final end these companies are responsible that GNOME 2.x hit
> on so much angry people nerves outside. with their direction and wrong
> assumptions somehow they are responsible for so much suckage. without
> them GNOME 2.x would probably still follow it's old direction. maybe
> still behind KDE but at least still having a lot of happy users.

Yes, these companies are [among others] responsible for GNOME - that's
also responsible to make sure that the project stays alive....that we
keep up the energy and enthusiasm in the community...that we make sure
that people like Jeff [and many, many others] keep contributing to the
project because it is those type of people that inspire the people
working in the companies...that we help getting GNOME on more systems
over time...

		But I'm sure you will disagree...

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

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