Re: [Usability]Re: Feedback on GNOME 2

<quote who="Mark Nelson">

> At the same time though, a request:  Please stop treating those of us that
> are actually willing to submit bug reports and voice conerns on the
> mailing lists like we are clueless idiots.

Note that the people who have been submitting productive bug reports and
voicing their well-thought-out and amicably-stated concerns on the mailing
lists have almost always been given good info and kind replies.

Flamers and rude/ungrateful/unreasonable critics have not.

I certainly prefer working *with* people on problems, rather than against
them. I also prefer working with people who take the time to research and
understand our point of view on usability (rather than taking the time to
flame and make random accusations not based on reality).

It's very simple: Tell us about *behaviours*. Options are not features, and
are definitely not a primary concern.


  "GNOME 2 is completely unusable to me! Why can't I set the window raise
  time out? Why have you taken everything out of it? I may as well just use
  Windows or KDE, because GNOME it turning out just like them. In fact, I'm
  going to install KDE right now. Disappointed, Example Poster A."

Compare and contrast:

  "I'm used to window managers with sloppy focus and windows raising after a
  given timeout. I found that useful, because having windows pop up whilst
  simply shifting my mouse across the screen was an interruption and a
  surprise. Metacity doesn't seem to do this - perhaps this should be the
  default when 'Raise window on focus' is on? Thanks, Example Poster B."

I *guarantee* you that Example Poster B is going to get a decent response.
They've described the current behaviour, desired behaviour, and reactions to
each, whilst describing their needs. I'm not sure that too many hackers are
going to miss Example Poster A -> indeed, they may as well use KDE.

I don't think that kindness and effort is unreasonable, especially if your
goal is to ask someone to do something for you.

- Jeff

     "Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system." - From Monty     
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