Re: [Usability]Re: Feedback on GNOME 2

<quote who="Ali Akcaagac">

> On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 11:17, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Criticism is great. Criticism is what makes Bugzilla and our QA process
> > work. However, there is a massive difference between productive
> > criticism and what generally amounts to flaming.
> bugzilla is a place to report bugs but not discussing the disadvantages in
> gnome. you know it. i know it. others probably know it too.

Sure, but it's the same principle. Well-worded input is listened to.

> > By all means, everyone is welcome to point out issues in GNOME, but if
> > they don't do it in a manner that developers want to listen to, they're
> > not going to get what they want.
> they (the users) don't get it anyways no matter how you point out the
> issues. but as soon as some stuff is comming from either SUN or REDHAT you
> jump up and change it quickly. they snip with the fingers to command you
> to jump and you reply 'how high and how far?'.

Haha. Dude, you're mistaking one of the most basic elements of Free Software
("he who writes the code rules") for some crazy corporate conspiracy.

Please don't undervalue or take for granted the immense benefit that
companies involved in GNOME provide. We simply wouldn't have GNOME 2.x
without their support.

- Jeff

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