Re: [Usability] Disclosure triangles

<quote who="Liam Quin">

> But if I can click on the label next to the triangle, it's no longer a
> nightmare in clicking a tenth-of-an-inch-across control that doesn't even
> look pressed or highlight when the mouse is over it.
> The "Less information" triangle is odd in the screenshot referenced above.
> The triangle should point upwards, to sho that the extra info will be hidden.
> Better would be
>     "show details..."
> and
>     "hide details"
> I think.

Would the "..." imply a dialogue?

Anyway, here's a screenie of Jim's download box in Glade, with my more
buttonous version of the disclosure button (that everyone said looked like
arse, or at least they meant arse when they said ass):

I tried it as a toggle button; looked pretty assy.

- Jeff

   It makes perfect sense. If you're a narcissistic arsehole spawned from   
                            a curdled gene pool.                            

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