Re: [Usability] Disclosure triangles

<quote who="Liam Quin">

> This paradigm was used extensively in Sun's open look desktop -- a dialogue
> box would have a button amrked "+", and if you pressed it, the dialogue
> would grow smoothly to show more controls.  These controls were usually
> for settings that most people wouldn't need, or that would be only
> occasiobnally needed compared to the others.

A couple of people on IRC have mentioned the Windows-style "More >>"
buttons, which would be regarded as disclosure buttons (without the elegance
and lack of self-documentation that the triangle presents).

On that note, perhaps disclosure triangles should always have a label. :)

> The Motif interface, with chunkier controls, felt more like a ghetto
> blaster.

Added to my quotes file (after I picked myself up off the floor). :)

- Jeff

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