[Usability] Disclosure triangles

Hi all,

So, I've been toying with disclosure triangles, looking for where they're
relevant, finding existing uses, etc., and I'd like to hear some opinions
and/or informed discussion ;) about my understanding of where they're

It seems that disclosure triangles are best used only to disclose more
detailed information, not to display more complicated widget machinery
(crackprefs). This leaves less room to move for those sticky, crackful
preferences we have all come to loathe, ignore or just randomly stumble
over. [ That's a good thing.  :) ]

I should have made a list of references, but here's just a couple:

  - The OS 9 loader in OS X has a disclosure triangle that shows you the
    boot up screen. When closed, you see a simple progress bar; when opened,
    you disclose the more detailed information of the boot up screen,
    extensions loading, etc. Whilst it's the ugliest window I've come across
    in OS X yet, it's a good example.

  - Some download windows (for a good example we should embrace, see Jim
    Cape's GnomeChat demo ones) disclose more detailed or 'techier' download
    information, such as bytes/second, file type, destination, etc.
    Normally, they just show a progress bar and how much has been

This idea - disclosing only further information, not providing more
interactive widgets - seems pretty solid. Anyone have *good* examples
proving the opposite; of disclosure triangles being used to hide extra

- Jeff

             "jwz? no way man, he's my idle" - James Wilkinson              

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