Re: To sawfish from metacity?

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 5:20 PM, Dale Huckeby <spock evansville net> wrote:
> (So
> what keeps metacity from trying to start up, since it normally does so even
> without an entry? Do I need to check the "Automatically remember running
> applications when logging out" box, or is having a sawfish entry enough to
> supercede the default?)

I'm not an expert as to all the ways a window manager can be chosen.
GDM/XDM/startx have some, Gnome has some, X11 has some and they likely
differ in detail from distribution to distribution.  Chris pointed out
some other things to check.  There is also a .gnomerc file that is
honored on the systems I use.  Also, know that only one window manager
can run so whichever one starts first will "win".

Personally, I simply remove all metacity and other WM packages from my
systems (various versions of Debian and Ubuntu) that run X11 and then
get sawfish to start by whatever mechanism I find first that works.
What I described before was what I found on Ubuntu 9.10.


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