To sawfish from metacity?

Since I don't know of a sawfish for dummies list I hope this one isn't too inappropriate for my questions. I used sawfish before gnome dropped it (when it was still sawmill, I think) and liked it, but haven't been able to use it since. I recently decided to make another effort, but so far no joy. I've
been opening a terminal window and issuing the command:
: killall metacity; sleep 2; sawfish &
but it doesn't seem to change anything. If I close that terminal window I lose my panel as well as the close, maximize and minimize buttons on the windows of any apps I open. In fact, I lose the ability to do anything at all and end up having to do a Ctl-Alt-Backspace into a reboot, at which point I'm right back in metacity. I hope I'm not imposing but i wonder if anybody can give me some idea as to how to get rid of metacity (tenacity?) and replace it with sawfish in gnome as my window manager?

Dale Huckeby (frustrated end-user)

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