Re: To sawfish from metacity?

On Wed, 24 Mar 2010, fuchur wrote:

On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 19:35:53 -0500 (CDT)
wrote Dale Huckeby <spock evansville net>:

Since I don't know of a sawfish for dummies list I hope this one isn't too
inappropriate for my questions. I used sawfish before gnome dropped it (when
it was still sawmill, I think) and liked it, but haven't been able to use it
since. I recently decided to make another effort, but so far no joy. I've
been opening a terminal window and issuing the command:
: killall metacity; sleep 2; sawfish &
but it doesn't seem to change anything. If I close that terminal window I
lose my panel as well as the close, maximize and minimize buttons on the
windows of any apps I open. In fact, I lose the ability to do anything at
all and end up having to do a Ctl-Alt-Backspace into a reboot, at which
point I'm right back in metacity. I hope I'm not imposing but i wonder if
anybody can give me some idea as to how to get rid of metacity (tenacity?)
and replace it with sawfish in gnome as my window manager?

Dale Huckeby (frustrated end-user)


If you use gnome >= 2.24 open gconf-editor. Then desktop -> gnome ->
session -> required_components and replace metacity with sawfish
by windowmanager and restart gnome session. Good luck.

Thanks. I'm running sawfish now, although some issues remain. For instance, not all parts of sawfish-ui work, and when I click on <Windows> in the <Preferences> menu I get this:

Cannot start the preferences application for your window manager

Window manager "Sawfish" has not registered a configuration tool

And when I change window borders it works only for the window whose
title bar I've just right-clocked on, and reverts to the previous window border if I close and then re-open that app. It appears that metacity is, in a sense, still the ghost in the machine. Any further thoughts? Thanks again
for showing me how to switch from metacity to sawfish.

Dale Huckeby

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