Questionnaire 4 on Sawfish usage

Hi all,

this time I'm going to ask some questions (If you've missed Q1 - Q3 just use the list
archive @ 

1) What operating-system are you using?

1.1) which architecture?
mine is i386 (cause amd64 had some serious issues)

1.2) which OS and Distro?
Linux / Debian

1.3) what machine are you using to run sawfish on?
I've got a HP Pavillion-PC with a quad-core AMD Phenom 9650 / 6 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD

2) about wiki.

2.1) How often do you visit the wiki?
once a week (atleast)

2.2) Did you or do you plan on editing?
well, from time to time

3) how did you found out that sawfish is alive again?
for me it was an accident. a lucky one :D

I've started using Linux with Debian Woody which shipped GNOME 1.4 with Sawfish. After
upgrading to Sarge something changed, at first I couldn't tell what it was, as MCity
cloned the look of Sawfish (both have the Eazel-Crux theme). Then I found out I didn't
find anything that made me stay away from MCity. I've done some investigation, why MCity
was dropped -- after I've seen how Luna-like (Luna = Windows-XP GUI) and feature-free it
is -- saw a lot of FUD about Sawfish and around page 12 or something like a that Janeck
'The Reanimator' Kozickis message of releasing Sawfish 1.3.1 :D

Now I'm happy again.

4) What do you think about the infrastructure?
I believe that it's too cluttered but Teika doesn't let me drop
(Now I know why Janek asked me "if I want to take the burden to maintain Sawfish" :P)

5) Are you planning to contribute?
I guess I don't need to answer that.

I guess that's enough for now :)

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