Re: Questionnaire 4 on Sawfish usage

Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:
> Hi all,
> this time I'm going to ask some questions (If you've missed Q1 - Q3
> just use the list archive @
> 1) What operating-system are you using?
> 1.1) which architecture?

amd64 and i386

> 1.2) which OS and Distro?
> Linux / Debian


> 1.3) what machine are you using to run sawfish on?

 - dual-core amd64, with 4gb ram & 360gb drive.
 - an HP 2133 mininote, handed down from a friend.

> 2) about wiki.
> 2.1) How often do you visit the wiki?

Rarely; once every couple of months or so.

> 2.2) Did you or do you plan on editing?

Not really.

> 3) how did you found out that sawfish is alive again?

It was a lucky accident for me as well, though I was less concerned
about it being alive as that it wasn't part of gnome anymore.  I used it
years ago before sawfish went gnome -- back when gnome was using
enlightenment.  When the gnome philosophy seemed to be taking it over I
switched to something else.  I was never entirely happy with anything,
and one day I went to look up sawfish again.  I discovered that gnome
and sawfish had parted ways, and was happy.  :)

> 4) What do you think about the infrastructure?
> I believe that it's too cluttered but Teika doesn't let me drop
> (Now I know why Janek asked me "if I want to take the burden to maintain
> Sawfish" :P)

Part of me would be happy to see sawfish stop using, but
honestly only because I'd be happy to see sawfish and gnome move farther
apart, not for any technical or practical reason.  So I've intentionally
not spoken up when the issue has been discussed in the past.

I've never fully understood the organization of the wiki -- I prefer
info pages and the mailing list for most things.  But it's true that
things like the scripts need someplace to reside, and the wiki is good
for things like tips-n-tricks, and howto-like stuff.

> 5) Are you planning to contribute?

Yeah, but I'm probably not a very reliable contributor.  I'm not much of
a programmer (just lisp), and I often have a lot of other stuff going on
in my life.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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