(now there I'm already in the mood: the one more message (TM))

Hi dear fellows,

I've also thought about the apps-menu. I noticed that KDE-Applications don't show up.
That's pretty easy to fix. But there's a question in my mind about that: shouldn't there
be more sub-menus? I mean there aren't any icons in there and thus it may not be that
usable then there are too many entries in the same level.

Next is the a-zA-Z issue. I forgot which librep-func was buggy so that Matthew couldn't
do the sorting properly. So we ever fix the issue (better) or make all a-z A-Z for the
first letter (not so good though).

At last: not all apps show up in the correct sub-menu. VBox for example shows up in Games
rather than in System or Utils (I believe Utils is a better name than Utility). We should
check other apps to and change accordingly.

So if you have some comments to share, or suggestions for new sub-menus that can be done,
place a message :D


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