Re: Session Restoring All Windows on First Workspace

> Yeah, it is "easy" if you ... browse the web and not much else I
> think. I had to look at the source for gnome-session to figure out how
> to change such things!

You can read that on our wiki:

(and I do much more else ;)

> But it turns out that I had gnome-wm set as the windowmanager, and I
> *assumed* it was loading sawfish. In reality it was failing to start any
> window manager, and sawfish was being picked up as a normal application
> and being started that way instead. Which, for whatever reason, caused
> gnome-session to only pass --sm-client-id (-> session file not found but
> the argument was consumed so it *seemed* to start properly).

gnome-wm is a wrapper that reads another gconf-key to load a WM.

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