Re: Questionnaire 4 on Sawfish usage

[Better late than never]

zanghar freenet de (2010-08-13 at 2018.43 +0200):
> 1) What operating-system are you using?
> 1.1) which architecture?

x86 32 bit.

> 1.2) which OS and Distro?


> 1.3) what machine are you using to run sawfish on?

Old desktop, sometimes old laptop.

> 2) about wiki.
> 2.1) How often do you visit the wiki?


> 2.2) Did you or do you plan on editing?

Sometimes, in the past at least.

> 3) how did you found out that sawfish is alive again?

Never left.

> 4) What do you think about the infrastructure?
> I believe that it's too cluttered but Teika doesn't let me drop
> (Now I know why Janek asked me "if I want to take the burden to maintain Sawfish" :P)

It keeps rolling fine.

> 5) Are you planning to contribute?

As time allows.


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