Re: [README] Proposed list of new default keybindings

zanghar freenet de writes:
> Just like I promised, this is the proposed list of additional, new
> default keybindings

Please try to keep the number of default keybindings small as wm
keybindings tend to interfere with applications, particularly Emacs.

> C-TAB -> Cycle Windows Backwards

If W-TAB is cycle-windows, cycle-windows-backwards should also use the
W-modifier.  This is needed to allow direction reversal while cycling
(cycling ends when you release all modifiers).  Personally I use
W-C-TAB for forward and W-S-TAB for backward.  M-TAB is used for
completion in Emacs.

As there seems to be some confusion about it (c.f. KEYBINDINGS), I'll
remind that "S-" stands for shift and "M-" for meta in Sawfish event
names.  Because PC keyboards don't have a meta key, alt is often
xmodmapped to work as meta.  Alt is denoted "A-" if you have separate
meta and alt modifiers.  Also, ISO_Left_Tab is usually S-TAB.  It
means tab to the left.  There is no keysym ISO_Right_Tab.

> W-C-q -> Quit Sawfish
> W-C-n -> Restart Sawfish

Neither of these should have default keybindings because normal users
don't need them.  I suggest W-C-q for quote-event.

> W-C-d -> Show Desktop/Root Window

I actually have this defined as a KDE global shortcut, not a Sawfish
binding.  Works well although Sawfish knows nothing about it.  I don't
know if you can do it like that in Gnome.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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