Re: [README] Proposed list of new default keybindings

Vegard> I would like to see a clever suggestion on how to handle
Vegard> keyboard navigation across these levels. Personally I have
Vegard> developed muscle-memory for most emacs keybindings, so I keep
Vegard> trying to reuse those in other applications. The extreme
Vegard> flexibility and extensibility in sawfish is one of the reasons I
Vegard> am still using it.

I have similar feelings, but I'll put it a bit more crudely to perhaps
dampen the enthusiasm for new default keybindings.

I won't use any WM that takes over Alt/Meta combinations, _including_
Alt-Tab (which is C-M-i to Emacs).  Or that doesn't at least provide an
obvious and surefire way to change these bindings on first installation,
and leave them alone for ever after.

Ian Zimmerman <itz buug org>
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