Re: [README] Proposed list of new default keybindings

zanghar freenet de (2009-02-11 at 2341.32 +0100):
> Hi all,
> Just like I promised, this is the proposed list of additional, new default keybindings (if you already set some of those via sawfish-ui/sawfishrc, this does not matter! load priority: defaults (low) , sawfish-ui (middle), sawfishrc (high))
> W = Alt

W = wm mod, as per prefs. A = Alt (S = Shift, C = Control, M = Meta, H
= Hyper and Super = Super). I insist on this detail because even if W
defaults to A, it can can be changed.

> C = Control
> For global-keymap:
> C-TAB -> Cycle Windows Backwards

Normally this one is A-ISO_Left_Tab aka A-S-TAB.

> W-C-q -> Quit Sawfish

"Where is the WM?" I would avoid binding functions like this.

> For window-keymap:
> W-F4 -> Delete Window Safely

Meh, OS/2 or some other old thing with that I wonder if anyone managed
to find a mnemonic to remember it. I always use something with c
(close) and not single key either (H-C = H-S-c, to be exact).

> W-C-s -> Shade Window
> W-C-u -> Unshade Window

Make it toggle, save one key.

> W-C-w -> Unmaximize Window

I use toggle cmds with any maximizer, saves keys and mental effort.


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