[README] Proposed list of new default keybindings

Hi all,

Just like I promised, this is the proposed list of additional, new default keybindings (if you already set some of those via sawfish-ui/sawfishrc, this does not matter! load priority: defaults (low) , sawfish-ui (middle), sawfishrc (high))

W = Alt
C = Control

For global-keymap:

C-TAB -> Cycle Windows Backwards
W-C-q -> Quit Sawfish
W-C-n -> Restart Sawfish
W-C-d -> Show Desktop/Root Window

For window-keymap:

W-F4 -> Delete Window Safely
W-C-i -> Iconify Window
W-C-m -> Maximize Window
W-C-v -> Maximize Fill Window Vertically Toggle
W-C-h -> Maximize Fill Window Horizontally Toggle
W-C-s -> Shade Window
W-C-u -> Unshade Window
W-C-w -> Unmaximize Window
W-C-e -> Display Errors
W-C-l -> Lower Window
W-C-r -> Raise Window

Let me hear some comments,

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