Re: Renaming 'grow, pack, shrink & yank'?

On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 13:23:23 +0200, Timo Korvola wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 December 2009 07:47:20 Teika Kazura wrote:
>> Is 'bump' better than 'pack'?
> In my opinion, pack is probably the best of the four names.

I was wrong, and pack is better. (It's because what users want is to
pack windows, not bumping, like a child playing with wood fragments.
Bump describes the action, but not the objective. Misconception 
derives from that I don't use gpsy.)

> In fact the entire category might be called "Window packing".

Hmm, it sounds like automatic tiling, but currently Sawfish is far
from tiling WM, so people may think it as fraud. Let's keep it for
later use. Even after we achieve a full set of tiling functions, "Hand
tiling" can remain as a subcategory of "Tiling / Window packing", so I
think "Hand tiling" is better.

>> 'Yank' is difficult.
> I know.  It is the best name I could come up with, despite some 
> confusion caused by its use in Emacs and Vi with meanings that are 
> rather distant from the colloquial one.

Ah, your labor first unveiled today.

> But could renaming pack enable us to find a better name for yank,
> which is the sore spot? Perhaps rename pack to push and yank to pull
>> Does any know an alternate? (I came up with 'rip', 'flee',
>> 'away', and so on, but none is better.)
> Unpack perhaps?  It would be understandable as kind of opposite to the 
> pack commands, although somewhat misleading because the windows remain 
> packed closely together, only with less overlap.

So far, yank is the best. Both pack and yank can be thought as push,
and same for pull. But the key is it's the opposite of pack as you
say. 'Cap', reversed pronunciation of 'pack', is crazy. 

Maybe unstack?  (But it's not the opposite of stack.) It is better
than disclose, uncover, or reveal, because these words suggest
removing the covering window.

>> Change on these items can be implemented using wm.util.compat, which
>> stores obsolete definitions.
> Changes would still be a nuisance to users, just a delayed one.  People 
> have key bindings for these commands.

No, no, don't worry, old names will be kept, sure, just hidden.

On Tue, 29 Dec 2009 15:54:21 -0800, D M German wrote:
> Pack is more about tiling, in my opinion, than packing. 

I see, but the all four fall into "tiling" category. Hmm...

> An antonym of overlap is separate. I kind of like that term for what I
> understand yank does.

It's close to my "rip", but they may take separate as split. 

> I was looking at the documentation for yank:
> "Yanks window left until it inserts with one window less than before."
> I don't think this is very explicit. I think it should say "overlaps"
> less.

Ok, I'll push it. Besides, I'll make subsections under "Moving and 
Resizing windows", too. Thanks for pointing out.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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