Re: new command 'display-window-position'?

> [...]
> Indeed this function is useful for using to tweak window rules. As an
> old user of sawfish I wrote such a function in 2000 as I missed it for
> matched windows (now window rules). Here it is:
> (defun display-window-position (w)
>  "this is written by Gerhard Kirchmann
>   and displays window-position"
>  (interactive "%W")
>  (setq var1 (car (window-position w)))
>  (setq var2 (cdr (window-position w)))
>  (setq var3 (car (window-dimensions w)))
>  (setq var4 (cdr (window-dimensions w)))
>  (display-message (format nil "Window %s\nposition:\n%d pixels from
> the left h$ (make-timer (lambda() (display-message nil)) 7))
> BTW: sawfish did a long time not function for me, but since a couple of
> years I'm glad that it's alive again.
> Gerhard Kirchmann

How about including the viewport offset? and location withing the viewport?



Daniel M. German

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