Re: [FIXME] Windows freeze when sawfish performs some actions

zanghar freenet de (2009-04-05 at 1156.27 +0200):
> > A solution would be
> > drawing real lines instead, via a shaped window or multiple windows
> > (thin rectangles); which obviously would generate events (maybe not so
> > important even with current "old" computers).
> > 
> Do you think you could to that for us?

Sorry, too many things on the table for now (SF and others). I gave it
a quick look, hoping it was just creating a set of animators that were
opaque so to speak, but it seems the full animation system expects all
animators to be XOR type, so adding them would require handling both
cases and any side effects. And that is assuming the performance just
does not goes to snail speed (see Timo email).


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