[FIXME] Windows freeze when sawfish performs some actions

Hi all,

I just found a strange issue, when sawfish performs some actions, the
other windows freeze - not on all actions, but on some.

how to reproduce:


play an audio via totem (trough gstreamer/pulseaudio)
open a different window with interactive placement mode, until you did
not place the window, pulseaudio freezes (no sound output)


iconify a window to perform animation
while animation is run, all other windows freeze

Either way, this should not be like that, sawfish should be able to
handle multiple actions at once.

For case A): This should absolutely not happen
For case B): We may draw the background image beyond the animator,
instead of the empty other windows, to hide that issue.

Any idea on how to improve sawfish in that case?
Would be great!


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