Re: [FIXME] Windows freeze when sawfish performs some actions

Am Sonntag, den 05.04.2009, 00:18 +0200 schrieb GSR - FR:
> Hi,
> zanghar freenet de (2009-04-04 at 2324.53 +0200):
> > I just found a strange issue, when sawfish performs some actions, the
> > other windows freeze - not on all actions, but on some.
> [...]
> > Any idea on how to improve sawfish in that case?
> > Would be great!
> If I understood correctly all that happens when Sawfish grabs the
> server and paints lines via XOR ops to avoid extra events on other
> windows and make "erasing" simple (paint again).


> A solution would be
> drawing real lines instead, via a shaped window or multiple windows
> (thin rectangles); which obviously would generate events (maybe not so
> important even with current "old" computers).

Do you think you could to that for us?



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