Re: Title changes and titlebar updates

* Harald van Dijk <truedfx gentoo org>:

| If this is correct, then I think that the only way (short of nasty
| hacks in sawfish itself) of actually fixing the bug is making *all*
| themes use (call-after-property-changed '_NET_WM_NAME ...) as well as
| the 'WM_NAME variant. If you make this change in your theme yourself,
| does it work any better? In other words, if the microGUI theme does

|   (call-after-property-changed
|    '_NET_WM_NAME (lambda ()
| 			 (rebuild-frames-with-style 'microGUI)))
|   (call-after-property-changed
|    'WM_NAME (lambda ()
| 			 (rebuild-frames-with-style 'microGUI))))

| does anything change, with or without my change to ensure WM_NAME's hook
| gets called?

If I change the theme, the problem gets fixed.

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